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New Blog:

Hello everyone! Thanks so much for visiting this blog! I’m so excited that I’ve got my new blog  The Quilt Engineer up and running. Please come visit me there to see new posts.

There will be no further posts to this blog.

Thanks for visiting me!


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A Really Awesome Giveaway: Congrats R0ssie!

So, if any of you are into modern quilting and DON’T know about the flickr group Fresh Modern Quilts, then you don’t know what you’re missing. But, I suspect it’s not that many of you because the group has just surpassed 2,000 members! In celebration of this R0ssie is having an amazing giveaway with 29 – yes, that’s right 29 – awesome giveaway items. These giveaways items are from some of the most amazing contributors to the Modern Quilting world. Check it out and sign up to win here.

Just a sneak peek at some of the amazing giveaways:

Signed Copy of Denyse Schmidt Quilts! (Photo courtesy of R0ssie)

Fabric Pack from the Awesome Malka at Stitch in Dye & a Pillow Pattern (Photo courtesy of R0ssie)

Fabric from Lucie Summers (Photo courtesy of R0ssie)

And, yes, there are 26 more. You have to check it out.

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Moment – Japanese Fabric Store

I just so happened to be in Torrance, CA taking care of some business this afternoon when remembered a discussion post over at the LA Modern Quilt Guild about a new Japanese fabric store on this side of town . . . I just can’t resist oogling over beautiful fabric so of course I had to find it. Just walking in the store I knew I was in trouble!

It’s called Moment (I love that name) and it was pretty awesome. It’s the largest selection of Japanese fabrics that I’ve seen – they say the largest in the US. I snapped a few photos with my camera phone. They’re not that great but, they give you a glimpse of all the awesomeness! Aside from fabric, they had great trims and lots of other goodies straight from Japan – all sewing related. And if you purchase fabric, they’ll give you a free 2 hour sewing lesson!

Hope you enjoy the eye candy!

Echino selection at Moment

Fat Quarter Selection

Adorable Linen Trims

Cute Felt Animals


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Wonky Circles and Echino. . .

(If you’re looking for the Giveaway post click here.)

So, I’ve been thinking about this quilt for awhile and I finally got started on it. I bought an Echino panel from The Urban Craft Center in Santa Monica and I wanted to highlight the panel when I used it.

So I decided not to cut the panel and to create something fun to go on the back (or the “other front” since I love reversible quilts). Ever since I started piecing circles using the Dale Fleming method, I’ve been thinking about different ways to use the  method and wondered how it would work for “wonky” circles. The design is to make four sets of “concentric” wonky circles to go on the back. Well, really late last night I made the first one. Let me know what you think?

I have quite a few other solids – colors that I pulled from the Echino fabric panel – and each of the four sets of “concentric” wonky circles will be different. Here’s the next set of solids that I’ll use:

Tell me what you think?


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Flora & Fauna

So, I’m realizing that there’s something about me and black in quilts. Even when I do baby quilts – they tend to have  a little black in them (or a lot). It’s not intentional. I guess that’s just what I’m drawn to. Especially when it is paired with bright rich contrasting colors. Ooooh!  So, I guess that it should be no surprise that as soon as I saw this amazing new line Flora & Fauna from Patty Young (Michael Miller) I knew I had to have it. At the Fat Quarter Shop they say that it should be available in December. Well, it’s December! OK. OK. I’ll stop being impatient. But, I just can’t wait until it comes out. I don’t even know what I’ll do with it yet but, I love everything about it. I know I’ll get at least the Stone palette. But, the others look yummy as well.

Just look at the Mustard. . . Oh, and the Raspberry with the green. . . even the turquoise is wonderful and delicious! I guess I’ll have to wait. . .

I also visited Patty’s blog MODKID Boutique and found the most wonderful items made from her fabric line. She has some adorable pattens for girl clothes but, if you have a second, take a look at the doll clothes patterns that she has for American Girl dolls. I’m not really into doll clothes but, her patterns are SOOOOOOO cute – they make me want to make some!

Oh well, enough cuteness for one day. I guess since I have to wait on these anyway, I’ll just have to be resigned to dream about what quilt I’ll design out of these. . .


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Finally – My Quilting Blog!

I’m so excited to finally blog about quilting and other craft things, though admittedly I’m a little hesitant to start. There are so many delicious amazng blogs out there and I feel like I’m a bit behind and will have to play catch up. BUT, on the other hand I’m soooooo excited to dive in and share a little peek into the madness of my quilting life with the world. So often, we crafters and quilters are holed up in their own little corners creating away and we are very blessed to have this outlet where we can connect with other who are as passionate as we are.

Here I go! Yeah!!!!


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