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Two Perfect Things. . .

There are two things that I think are perfect. Picnics. And, circles.

Picnics are romantic for two and awesome for many. It’s just you and those that you love sitting close  to each other and nature eating yummy food (picnics make all food yummy) having nothing better to do than connect with each other.  What can be more perfect than that? And then you add in picnic baskets and picnic blankets and. . . oooooh, I just can’t take all the perfect yumminess!  So, I’ve been dreaming lately (literally and figuratively) about Picnic Quilts. Here where the circle enters.

So, rectangular quilts were made for beds. And the shape of a quilt should reflect the use of the quilt. What would be more perfect for a picnic than a Circle Quilt? Yes, you heard me right, a Circle Quilt. People sitting and eating seem to fit very easily within the space of a circle. Plus there’s something that the circle the signifies togetherness and inclusion and love. OK, maybe I’m reading into this a little but, a circle picnic quilt just seems right to me.

So, here’s my first version of a circle picnic quilt. I wanted to merge the concept of the traditional picnic quilt with my circle picnic quilt concept. So, I pieced an assortment of 6″ squares – trying to mimic a random pieced traditional picnic top. And then I cut it into a circle! And, what do you get when you add two perfect things together – twice the perfectness. Or, I think so at least! 🙂



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