I dream of quilts. I really do. It’s pretty bad but, I design them in my sleep. And unlike so many other “great” ideas that I’ve come up with in my sleep over the years the designs for quilts that I come up with are pretty decent.

I’ve been loving quilting my whole life – well damn near. I’ve been loving crafts my whole life is probably a more correct statement. I fell in love with quilts in my early teens as I explored the craft section of our local library. I used to pore over quilting books being drawn to the cleanest most moderns designs at the time, which happened to be some of the Amish quitls. I made a denim quilt at the age of 16 and I attempted a quilt in college. But, I was a bit intimidated and I never finished it. And, what took me so long to get back to it I don’t know. How did I possibly live without it? I started quilting early 2009 and as I was told at 7am this morning as I sat at my computer in my jammies looking at my latest quilt photos on my computer (late leaving for work), I think I’m obsessed. 🙂 It makes me happy and giddy and I fall in love with it again every day. I hope you enjoy as I share my journey into quilting.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


One response to “About

  1. the_shulammite

    I love your quilts and your website. I found your quilts on flickr.

    We share a love for colors. I am bookmarking your site and will spread the word to members of the quilting guild i belong to here in Nashville to join me in visiting your site.

    Keep up the great work!

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