Moment – Japanese Fabric Store

I just so happened to be in Torrance, CA taking care of some business this afternoon when remembered a discussion post over at the LA Modern Quilt Guild about a new Japanese fabric store on this side of town . . . I just can’t resist oogling over beautiful fabric so of course I had to find it. Just walking in the store I knew I was in trouble!

It’s called Moment (I love that name) and it was pretty awesome. It’s the largest selection of Japanese fabrics that I’ve seen – they say the largest in the US. I snapped a few photos with my camera phone. They’re not that great but, they give you a glimpse of all the awesomeness! Aside from fabric, they had great trims and lots of other goodies straight from Japan – all sewing related. And if you purchase fabric, they’ll give you a free 2 hour sewing lesson!

Hope you enjoy the eye candy!

Echino selection at Moment

Fat Quarter Selection

Adorable Linen Trims

Cute Felt Animals



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4 responses to “Moment – Japanese Fabric Store

  1. I would have spent waaaaay too much — I feel anxiety just looking – how beautiful!

  2. O my. I certainly hope they don’t do Internet sales, because I could be in trouble…

    • idreamofquilts

      Laurel, I don’t even think they have a website but, they should definitely get it set up! Jennie, I told the sales lady when I walked through the store that I was in trouble because I couldn’t resist buying beautiful fabric. I was proud of myself for not spending a single cent. But, I definitely plan too soon! 🙂

  3. court dog

    I love the little felt animals, great pics. I want to go to this store now. 🙂

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