I’m NOT the only weird one. . .

That’s what I think when I’m with all the other amazing ladies (we haven’t had any men attend yet ;-)) that attend the Los Angeles Modern Quilt Guild meetings. I guess many of us quilters and crafters have always created alone. Of course the internet has opened up a wide community but, it’s nothing like being in person with people that are just as passionate about your art as you are. Yay! This is so much fun.

My family and friends are extremely supportive and appreciative but, I think I can see just a hint of  ‘she’s just a tad bit touched’ in their eye as I’m passionately describing my latest quilting exploit. But, the Modern Quilt Guild is like my support group. We can all be weird about this together and it feels like we’re finally at home with people that understand us!

It is both fun and inspiring to see all the creativity that comes out of the guild. And, this month to see all the creative potholders – wow! And the awesome show and tell quilts. Here’s a few pictures so you can get a glimpse of the fun! Enjoy!



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4 responses to “I’m NOT the only weird one. . .

  1. We’re not weird! Passionate is what we are! Ha! Super fun meeting last night.

    • idreamofquilts

      Haha! You know what I mean! 🙂 We’re not weird (it just feels like it sometimes).

      Can’t wait til January when we meet again!

  2. Latifah! Love your blog. Great meeting (again!) Thanks for documenting with great photos.

  3. I’ve found my people!

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