Wonky Circles and Echino. . .

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So, I’ve been thinking about this quilt for awhile and I finally got started on it. I bought an Echino panel from The Urban Craft Center in Santa Monica and I wanted to highlight the panel when I used it.

So I decided not to cut the panel and to create something fun to go on the back (or the “other front” since I love reversible quilts). Ever since I started piecing circles using the Dale Fleming method, I’ve been thinking about different ways to use the  method and wondered how it would work for “wonky” circles. The design is to make four sets of “concentric” wonky circles to go on the back. Well, really late last night I made the first one. Let me know what you think?

I have quite a few other solids – colors that I pulled from the Echino fabric panel – and each of the four sets of “concentric” wonky circles will be different. Here’s the next set of solids that I’ll use:

Tell me what you think?



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4 responses to “Wonky Circles and Echino. . .

  1. i love this…you make such beautiful things. i love the wonky circles on circles. thanks for coming to my bog, saying hello and entering the giveaway. good luck

  2. I really like the way your front and back work together.

    Re: different shapes for Dale Fleming circles. My usual circle technique is an applique, but I wanted to try the Dale Fleming technique. But I wanted ovals. I was impressed withe results, even though I found using glue a bit finicky. So these wonky shapes are very appealing to me!

    • idreamofquilts

      Thanks Cheryl! I need to finish this one too. The glue was a bit finicky but, so worth it! I found that once you get the hang of it – it gets a lot easier.

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